I don’t think following along and highlighting the link while hovering over it is important.

I would say it’s superfluous for a web page to have this kind of feature. Craig Newmark will look away and insult us in his mind! Well, if it was for fun, I wouldn’t attach too much importance to his thinking. Here we are copying Stripe new web page!

If we hover over link on Stripe, we can see “mega menu” follow along the link without concealing or popping.


It’s a nice thing to have, right? However, without this challenge, I mightn’t have known the way we get element’s size and its position relative to the viewport via DOM element methods. By the way, viewport is just an area to display the web content in the browser. No wonder that we got smaller viewport if we open the web console.

Each DOM element has access to those properties. Here’s how we do that:

  var myHeart = document.querySelector('[data-heart]');
  var myDomRect = myHeart.getBoundingClientRect();


  // For more about it, visit http://mzl.la/2ggxdcl

To get the next challenge right, we only make it resembles small portion of Stripe’s feature and take that cute “mega menu” aside. Cuteness will find its way.

Alright then, here’s the demo and my solution below.

That’s it for today.

I was a bit nervous when ちえさ せれな gets closer to me. That was probably the last time I felt her cuteness. Well, I have to understand that we just move in different circle. I’ve already given up since I confessed my feeling via Telegram. What a coward! Well, I’ve said that and I am proud of that.