As for now, I am romantically attached to 3 girls I met in high school, college, and office. How could I manage them?

How about making use of JavaScript’s Array.prototype built-in methods to take care of them?

Here’s a simple array that represent those 3 cute girls.

  var crushes = [
      name: "ルル オーリア",
      age: 25,
      status: "single",
      tags: "cute, sexy, hypocrite, obnoxious"

      name: "メリー メディオーアティ",
      age: 26,
      status: "married",
      tags: "cute, pious, intelligent"

      name: "ちえさ せれな",
      age: 23,
      status: "single",
      tags: "cute, fragile, sensitive, emotional"

Nah, today’s challenge introduce us to Array.prototype built-in methods: some, find, findIndex, and every. It’s simply boring because there’s no point to have a demo for this kind of challenge (a bunch of console.log will do!). Clone my repo if you are so keen.

Let’s see how I manage those precious ones.

It’s been 7 years I haven’t met her, ルル オーリア. My friends told me that she had a feeling for me but I wasn’t sure back then. Well, I didn’t approach her because she was/is obnoxious (I’ve never approached a girl before). How can I get information about her if I only remember that she is obnoxious?

  var her = crushes.find(function (crush) {
    return crush.tags.split(',').includes('obnoxious');


I recently hate her, ちえさ せれな. I don’t know why she is so sensitive. Overreacting over something that has nothing to do with her. What a weak soul. She is fragile and emotional (she is only 23). I really want to delete her from the list. How could I do that if I would?

  var herIndex = crushes.findIndex(function (crush) {
    return crush.tags.split(',').includes('emotional') && crush.age === 23;

  console.log('before I delete her: ');
  crushes.splice(herIndex, 1);
  console.log('after I delete her: ');

I want to make sure that every girl I am romantically attached to is cute. I am really sure though!

  var cuteness = crushes.every(function (crush) {
    return crush.tags.split(',').includes('cute');

  console.log(cuteness); // true

Truly, they are so cute and I believe cuteness has nothing to do with age. メリー メディオーアティ is a year older than me. Oh, I forget, I am not romantically attached to her, I am in love with her! I am willing to spend my time, money, and energy on her. Unfortunately, she is married. Truth be told, some of my crushes are not single at all…

  var unmarriageable = crushes.some(function (crush) {
    return crush.status === 'married';

  console.log(unmarriageable); // true

Okay, that’s how I manage my precious ones. How about you?